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Worldcon 78, aka CoNZealand, will be happening from 29 July to 2 August. In virtual form, like so many other big events in this unusual year. Osuuskumma Publishing is glad to announce that we have two authors speaking at the con: Taru Kumara-Moisio, whose novel My Finnish Taniwha just came out from Osuuskumma International, and Mikko Rauhala, who has appeared in several of our short story anthologies (including Never Stop and The Self-Inflicted Relative) and who recently published his debut book, The Infinite Metropolis (Aurelia Leo 2020, co-authored with Edmund Schluessel).

Wednesday, 29th July
Welcome, New Professional Writers
Panel: Sam Hawke, Kaisa Pellinen, Cat Rambo, Mikko Rauhala.

Friday, 31st July
3 PM
Mythology and Fantasy
Panel: E.J. Beaton, David Hair, Taru Kumara-Moisio.

4 PM
AI vs Human in Diversity
Panel: Barbara Howe, L.J. Kendall, Dr. Hirotaka Osawa, Mikko Rauhala.

Saturday, 1st August
10 AM
Reading: Taru Kumara-Moisio.

3 PM
Our New Robot Overlords: Why and How They Will Take Over
Presentation by Mikko Rauhala.

Note that all the times are New Zealand time (NZST)!

Taru Kumara-Moisio. Photo (c) Outi Puhakka.

Mikko Rauhala. Photo (c) Veikko Somerpuro.


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