Osuuskumma Publishing Proudly Presents: An Undiscovered World of Finnish Speculative Fiction in Two Anthologies

The new anthologies Never Stop and The Self-Inflicted Relative offer an interesting look into the diversity and high standards of speculative fiction in Finland — from award-winning authors to rising new talents never before translated.

”These stories invite you to see a glimpse of new lights emerging in the vast sky of international speculative fiction. You may not have expected them, but once they have caught your eye, you will hopefully keep coming back for more.”
— Emmi Itäranta, foreword in Never Stop

Drabbles are miniature stories of exactly 100 words, no more, no less. In The Self-
Inflicted Relative Finnish authors of speculative fiction create entire literary works in such an incredibly small amount of space. Welcome to the world of zombies, tentacles, cats, robots, cheese, unicorns, cell membranes, transhumanist gadgets and a terrifying epidemic that is the self-inflicted relative.

Cover by Anu Korpinen

Never Stop, compiled by Emmi Itäranta, brings you fifteen stories from up-and-coming Finnish authors — all published in English for the first time. M.A. Tyrskyluoto’s Never Stop is a cyberpunk story about asking questions, seeking the truth, and finding adventure. The Wings of the Hornet Queen by Artemis Kelosaari tells a story of a hard-as-steel female officer who´s decided to win the battle against the boundaries set by nature and society and go beyond those boundaries. Josefiina’s Cart of Wonders by Maija Haavisto offers a fresh and hopeful vision of disability, set in a Finnish steampunk milieu. Anne Leinonen’s Maid of Tuonela is a poignant story of love that transcends death, against a backdrop of Finnish mythology. Anni Nupponen’s The Tiniest in the World tells us about one’s diverse roles in life and seeking for one’s own place. Star in the Deep by Anu Korpinen is a dark romance, a merge between Lovecraftian lore and The Little Mermaid. The Beautiful Boy by Magdalena Hai is about love and power and radiates the exotic of unknown seas. And so on — this anthology is like a treasure chest full of fresh and original work from a wide range of genres, just waiting to be discovered.

Cover by Anu Korpinen

Never Stop and The Self-Inflicted Relative are here to show that the few internationally-
known Finnish SFF authors are only the tip of the iceberg. The anthologies are a must-read to everyone who wishes to expand their understanding of the world via reading fiction originating from quite a different language and culture.

Osuuskumma Publishing is having a book launch party in August 10th 2017,
8 PM at Winter Garden, Messukeskus, Helsinki, as a part of the official program of Worldcon 75.

Print editions of Never Stop and The Self-Inflicted Relative are available at Aavetaajuus (Kustaankatu 1, Helsinki) and Rosebud City Center (Kaivokatu 8, Helsinki) bookstores, as well as Osuuskumma’s own online store (powered by Holvi):

Also available as E-book editions!

Never Stop:
Amazon (Kindle)
Elisa Kirja
The Self-Inflicted Relative:
Amazon (Kindle)
Elisa Kirja

Never Stop
Eds. Saara Henriksson, Anni Nupponen, M.A. Tyrskyluoto
Authors: Katri Alatalo, Maria Carole, Maija Haavisto, Magdalena Hai, 
Markus Harju, Saara Henriksson, Janos Honkonen, Jussi Katajala, 
Artemis Kelosaari, Anu Korpinen, Anne Leinonen, J.S. Meresmaa, 
Anni Nupponen, Mikko Rauhala, M.A. Tyrskyluoto
ISBN 978-952-7215-26-5 Print Edition
ISBN 978-952-7215-27-2 ePub
ISBN 978-952-7215-28-9 ePub + DRM
ISBN 978-952-7215-37-1 Mobi
282 p. | Published in 31/7/2017
The Self-Inflicted Relative
Eds. Maija Haavisto & Mikko Rauhala
Authors: Maria Carole, Maija Haavisto, 
Magdalena Hai, Janos Honkonen, Artemis 
Kelosaari, Taru Kumara-Moisio, Mixu Lauronen, O.E. Lönnberg, 
J.S. Meresmaa, Anni Nupponen, Mikko Rauhala, Tarja Sipiläinen, 
Christine Thorel, M.A. Tyrskyluoto, Kari Välimäki
ISBN 978-952-7215-32-6 Print Edition
ISBN 978-952-7215-33-3 ePub
ISBN 978-952-7215-34-0 ePub + DRM
48 p. | Published in 31/7/2017

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