The Self-Inflicted Relative – 33 Fantastic Stories in 100 Words

Cover by Anu Korpinen

Many little meows piped out here and there and a curse slipped off my lips. I should’ve known better than to borrow a book from the library near campus.

Welcome to the world of zombies, tentacles, cats, robots, cheese, unicorns, cell membranes, transhumanist gadgets and a terrifying epidemic that is the self-inflicted relative.

Drabbles are miniature stories of exactly 100 words, no more, no less. Leave it to the Finnish authors of speculative fiction to weave their magic and create 33 entire literary works in such an incredibly small amount of space.

The Self-Inflicted Relative will be available at Worldcon 75!


Print edition
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E-book edition
Elisa Kirja
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The Self-Inflicted Relative – 33 Fantastic Stories in 100 Words
Maija Haavisto and Mikko Rauhala (eds.)

Featured authors:
Maria Carole, Maija Haavisto, Magdalena Hai, Janos Honkonen, Artemis Kelosaari, Taru Kumara-Moisio, Mixu Lauronen, O.E. Lönnberg, J.S. Meresmaa, Anni Nupponen, Mikko Rauhala, Tarja Sipiläinen, Christine Thorel, M.A. Tyrskyluoto, Kari Välimäki